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Hello guys I am Vaibhav and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to wrap text in 3D. As you can guess this is a simple tutorial and does not require lot of work. In this tutorial I am going to use paths, text, gradient map and nothing more.

step 1: Select elliptical marquee tool

In this step we are going to select elliptical marquee tool. You can find it in the left panel. Then we are going to select the area or circumference or perimeter where we will write our text.



Here I made a circle look like selection around the ball because I want the text to be written in circular format. You can choose whatever the format you want. Weather it be circular or rectangular.

step 2: saving work path

We have to save  this selection because of the text we are going to write. To save this selection, go to window->paths. At the bottom of the “path” window you can see a sniper aim like icon named “make work path from selection”. Click on that3

step 3: initiate text tool

Initiate text tool by pressing T or you can choose it from the left panel. You can always press ctrl+H or command+H to show or hide your work path. If you put your mouse cursor(do not click) on the work path circumference or perimeter, you will see that the cursor icon has changed. Simply click at that time when you mouse cursor has changed. You can watch the full HD video tutorial here and skip to 00:45 seconds to watch it in full HD.


STEP 4: write text


Click on the above photo to enlarge that. Change your font setting to above mention style. Don’t go with the text size. You can out whatever the text size you want.


Now write on the work path. You can see a terrible thing has happened to me. Wondering what? At the extreme left side of the ball there is not enough space to write one more “cosco” and it’s look too uneven if I don’t write anything. It is not symmetrical. Don’t decrease the font size from the option bar to make it symmetrical. It will take lot of time for the hit and trial method.

step 5: Align the text symmetrically

I am really a great fan of PS developers because they really cares about the lazy people like us. To fix the above mistake simply press F7 for the layer window. Double click on the icon of “text” layer.


You can see that your text is covered with white color. Now press ctrl+alt+left arrow key or command+option+left arrow key to decrease the spacing between the alphabets to make it look symmetrical. To increase the font size use ctrl+alt+right arrow key or command+option+right arrow key.


Again press and hold alt/option  and press  left arrow key  to decrease the spacing between words. You can see the difference between the shown image below and the shown image above.


step 6: wrap the text to 3d

Select move tool from the left panel or press V to select it.


Just like above image you can square like boundary has surrounded your text area. This happened because your text layer is activated and you have selected the move tool. Press and hold ctrl+alt  or command+option. First click on the area where you want the center to be. I want my center to be at the middle. Then drag the top left corner downwards and drop where ever you want to make your text look like 3D.


step 7: Erase the unwanted text

Press F7 for the layer pop up. Make your text layer activated by selecting on that. Add a layer mask by clicking on layer mask at the bottom of the layer window.


Now press B for the brush tool or you can select it from the left panel. Press D to make you foreground color to black. Set the hardness to 0% and set the size as per your requirement. Now apply brush on the where you don’t want the text.


step 8: Add some effect to your text

Press F7 for the layer window. Select the text layer. Click on add layer style which you can find at the bottom of the layer window. Then select gradient overlay.


Change the blending mode to hard mix. Set the opacity to 30-60%. Change the angle to 0 degree.


Now change the opacity as per your requirement. Watch the tutorial in full HD.

And finally you are done here. I know you guys are thinking it’s so long trick but it would take only 3-4 minutes or less if you know are familiar with Photoshop. You can watch the full HD video tutorial here. Thanks for reading this article and lot of cool tricks are also available here. Enjoy them also. Don’t forget to leave comment and also don’t forget to share it with Facebook, Twitter and more. Follow trickyphotoshop on Twitter for the latest updates and also don’t forget to like trickyphotoshop. If any trick that you want to know that you don’t know that simply contact me by emailing me and my email address is given below. I would love to teach you that trick.

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