Hello friends it’s Vaibhav here and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to add sunset effect to your photo . Here I am using my own snapped  pic of Dimna lake, Jamshedpur, India. I took this photo during the morning around 9-10 am but I am going to make it like I snapped this pic during evening. It’s just a matter of gradient, blending mode and levels. Nothing more than that.

step 1

Open your photo.

step 2

Press F7 for the layer window and then add adjustment layer which you can find at the bottom of the layer window. Click on “Gradient map”.


step 3

You can see a window has opened thats look like as shown in figure below. Simply click on the gradient color drop down button.


step 4

Look at the figure below. You can see a similar window has opened in your laptop. Double click on the white color spot which in encircled and then click on the drop down menu which is denoted by arrow.


step 5

Note down the value which is encircled and write the same value in your PS too. It’s nothing but the code of that color that we are going to use. Press OK.


step 6

Now double click on the white spot which is encircled and then on the drop down menu which is denoted by arrow.


step 7

Copy the color code as you did for red color in previous step.


step 8

Press OK. Now your gradient will look like this.


step 9

Press F7 for the layers window. Select the “gradient map” layer and change it to overlay. You can find blending mode at the top of the layer window.


step 10

If you think that your photo is over coloured than simply reduce the opacity. Now once again add new adjustment layer as we did in step 2. This time select “levels”.

step 11

Drop down the pre-set menu and click on “mid-tone brighter” or you can adjust the levels manually.


Now you can give final touch to your photo with whatever the way you want.


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