Hello guys I am Vaibhav and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to give a great look to sky. This a simple effect as compared to the previous tutorial which is “how to add smoke in any photo”. This tutorial is based on the blending mode, hue and levels only. If you guys are familiar with the given terms and it would hardly take you 1-2 minute to do this.

step 1

Open up your photo.


step 2

Press F7 for the layers window and then click on “add adjustment layer”. You can find it at the bottom of the layer window. Now click on “hue and saturation”.


step 3

Now go back to your layer window and select the “hue and saturation” layer. Change the blending mode to soft light.


step 4

Now double click on the white color area of the “hue and saturation” layer. In the pop up window you  can see to rectangular option at top left corner. One of them is mask while other is hue and saturation. Click on hue and saturation. Select “colorize” first. For the cool look drag hue between 190-220, saturation between 40-60 and you can put lightness as per your requirement. For the warm look drag hue between 20-30, saturation between 40-60 and drag lightness as per your requirement. I am preferring here cool look because warm looks stunning when you captured sky above lake, sea etc. There is one more reason why selected cool look and I am going to tell you that is step.


step 5

Now go to  image->adjustment->levels or you can just press ctrl+L for the levels. Now drag and drop the levels as per your requirement.



step 6

In the above photo you can see the high contrast in the sky. This is why I preferred cool effect rather than hot effect. Because I selected warm effect my photo will look too odd due to very high variations between law and dark area.

step 7

If your photo has become too dark at some places than don;t you worry. PS always gives you a plan B to fix that error. Select spot healing brush tool at the left panel of the PS or you can simply press “J”. Now apply brush wherever you want to remove the dark area.



step 8

If you don’t want the silhouette effect i.e. the area that became black after applying levels than just select that area with any tool. Prefer magic wand tool because the whole area is of same color. Now apply layer mask. Note that your foreground color has been changed to white then apply. Now press “B” for the brush tool and apply brush on the area silhouetted area. Now you can see that your silhouetted area is gaining back its old look. You can use any method to enhance that area that you can find in this site.



And finally you are done here. I know you guys are thinking it’s so long trick but it would take only 3-4 minutes or less if you know are familiar with Photoshop. Thanks for reading this article and lot of cool tricks are also available here. Enjoy them also. Don’t forget to leave comment and also don’t forget to share it with Facebook, Twitter and more. Follow trickyphotoshop on Twitter for the latest updates and also don’t forget to like trickyphotoshop. If any trick that you want to know that you don’t know that simply contact me by emailing me and my email address is given below. I would love to teach you that trick.

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