Hello guys I am Vaibhav and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to add smoke effect. This is one of the toughest trick so guys I strongly recommend you to read even the single word in this tutorial.Even it took me around one hour to calculate the values that we are going to do further and this is the best result I came up with. In the left cup there is no sign of indication is that weather the cup is hot or not. We are going to add smoke effect which shows that the cup is hot.

step 1

As usual open your photo. Press “P” to select pen tool or you can choose any tool you want to draw a look like picture as shown below. I know it not looking like smoke but it will after applying some filters.


step 2

The next step is convert it to smart filters. You can do this by simply going to filter->convert to smart filter.


step 3

We need to add some blur here so start with Gaussian blur. To select it go to filter->blur->gaussian blur. Don’t go with the reading shown below because it totally depends upon the size of the photo or rather I would say it totally depends on the number of pixels of your photo.


step 4

Now we need to distort this photo a little bit so go to filter->distort->wave. Click on “sine” type and change the undefined areas to “wrap around”. Don’t touch wavelength, amplitude and scale and for this photo I choosed “number of generations=351”. As I told you that my settings may not add classy effect to your photo due to different size. This is one of the trickiest step and may be you will not be satisfied with the first chance. Then just press ctrl+Z to undo and once again repeat the step with different calculations. Don’t forget you can always change the position of smoke by simply pressing ctrl+V or selecting move tool from the left panel.


step 5

After that we need to add one more filter, the zig-zag one. For this go to filter->distort->zig-zag. First change the style to “around center”. For this photo my amount was 10 and ridges was 15.


step 6

Now hard part is over. Now we just need to apply some simple tricks to get this effect done. We are going to add surface blur. Filter->blur->surface blur. Drag the threshold to extreme right i.e. 255 and put the radius to 5-10px. For this photo selected 7px.


Step 7

You can see the smoke look like structure is coming out. Now press F7 for the layer window. Simply select the whole layer by press and hold ctrl and click at the icon of “shape 1” which is the layer that you used for all the filters. With this selection selected press ctrl+shift+N  to add new layer. Click on the new layer and then go to filter->render->cloud. You can see that that black and white cloud has come up.


step 8

Press F7 for the layer pop up window and change the blending mode of layer 1(which we have created in previous step) to overlay. You can find the blending mode option at the top of the layer window.


step 9

Now double click on shape 1(which we used for the pen tool) to open the layer style. Click on satin which you can find on the left hand side panel. Change the blend mode to multiply and opacity to 50% first then do the rest of your calculation as per your requirement.


step 10

Now click on “blending mode default” and reduce the opacity to 50% and finally this tutorial is over.

And now you are done. I know you guys are thinking it’s so short trick as it has only 10 steps but believe me it would take 30-40 minutes or more even if you are familiar with Photoshop. Thanks for reading this article and lot of cool tricks are also available here. Enjoy them also. Don’t forget to leave comment and also don’t forget to share it with Facebook, Twitter and more. Follow trickyphotoshop on Twitter for the latest updates and also don’t forget to like trickyphotoshop on Facebook. If any trick that you want to know that you don’t know that simply contact me by emailing me and my email address is given below. I would love to teach you that trick for free.

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