Hello friends I am Vaibhav and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to place a photo inside a photo. This is a very tricky trick and also adds a cool effect to your photo. Here I am selecting this photo because when we add the radial blur effect it will looks too classy because the person here is a rock climber and after the blur effect it looks like he is putting too much energy to climb the mountain or rock.

step 1

As usual open you r photo using PS.

step 2

Press F7 for the layer pop up window. Make duplicate layer of the background layer by simply pressing ctrl+J. After selecting the duplicate layer, press “M” for rectangular marquee tool for the rectangular boundary or oval for the oval boundary. As you can easily guess that I selected rectangular marquee here because of the rectangular boundary. Then add layer mask to your duplicate layer. You can do that by clicking “add layer mask” at the bottom of layer window.


step 3

Now add layer style to your layer mask. You can do this by clicking on the “add layer style” which you can find at the bottom of the layer window and its icon looks like “fx”. After clicking on that select “stroke”. Stroke is nothing but add frame to your photo of given selection.


step 4

Now you can see a window has  opened. Select size to approximately 10 px or whatever you want. It determines the size of your frame. Change the position to inside. Blend mode=normal, drag the opacity to 100%. Last but not the least change the color to white. You can choose any color you want. It just changes the color of your frame to the applied color. Press OK.


step 5

After pressing OK once again add layer style that we did in STEP 3. But this this time click on “drop shadow”.


step 6

In the drop shadow window, change blend mode to multiply, Opacity to 100%, Angle to 125 degree. Select “use global light”. Fill distance with 12px or whatever you want. It determines the length of your shadow. Don’t touch the other options.


step 7

One of the most important step is this. Click the link in layer window as shown in figure below to unlink the duplicate layer with you layer mask. I will explain the importance of this step on next step. After clicking on that you will see that “link icon” has gone.



step 8

Now press ctrl+T for the move tool and change the angle of your frame. For this step we unlinked the layer mask with duplicate layer. Because if it was still linked the whole picture angle will be changed.


step 9

Now press F7 for the layer window. Select the background layer or the original layer which contains the real photo. Simply press ctrl+J to make copy of that layer. After that go to  filter->blur->radial blur. Fill the amount with 20-30. Change the mode to zoom and also do change the quality to best. Give OK.



step 10

Now you can see the zoom effect which only happened to the photo which was outside the frame. This happened because our “layer mask” is in the above of the layer which we have created in step 9. With the same layer selected add an “adjustment layer” which you can find at the bottom of the layer window or as shown in figure.


step 11

Click on hue and saturation. Select “colorize” first. It will colorize your photo. Change the amount of hue and saturation to whatever you want and then press OK.




And now you are done. I know you guys are thinking it’s so long trick but it would take only 3-4 minutes or less if you know are familiar with Photoshop. Thanks for reading this article and lot of cool tricks are also available here. Enjoy them also. Don’t forget to leave comment and also don’t forget to share it with Facebook, Twitter and more. Follow trickyphotoshop on Twitter for the latest updates and also don’t forget to like trickyphotoshop on Facebook. If any trick that you want to know that you don’t know that simply contact me by emailing me and my email address is given below. I would love to teach you that trick for free.

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