Hello guys I am Vaibhav and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to add fireworks using PS. It add very classy effect to your photo and its every photographers dream to shot skyline or any other thing in night with fireworks. If you shot a beautiful night shot it was already looking too good then enhance its quality with the addition of fireworks.

step 1

As usual open your night shot with PS.


step 2

Open the firework photo in another tab. You can find firework photo in various site like istockphoto, vectoriel etc. Now press F7 for the layer pop up window. Select the layer which contains your fireworks photo. Press ctrl+A to select the whole image and then press ctrl+C to copy it.


Step 3

Go back to your real photo i.e. the night shot and simply press ctrl+V to paste the image.


With your firework level selected press “V” for the move tool or you can also select move tool by simply clicking the first option in the left panel. Now drag and drop the firework to the position you want. You can also adjust the size by clicking “Show transformation controls” on the top panel. After altering the size press “enter” to finalize it.

step 4

Press F7 for the layer pop up window and select the layer which contains your firework. Change the blending mode to screen.


step 5

Now you can see that the background of the firework has been removed. Don’t worry if it hasn’t removed fully. We are going to remove that on this step. Go to image->adjustment->levels or you can simply press ctrl+L. Make yourself sure that firework layer is selected.


step 6

Now you can see a window has opened named levels. For the input menu. if you drag the black bar to right the contrast will increase but it will mainly be black dominated if you drag the white to left the contrast will also increase but it’ll mainly be white dominated and the middle grey bar is for overall contrast. I suggest you to not to use that. Now you can adjust the black and white bar to make your photo looks more realistic. For the output menu of you  drag the black bar to left it’ll decrease your brightness and if you drag white bar it’ll increase your brightness.


And now you are done. I know you guys are thinking it’s so long trick but it would take only 3-4 minutes or less if you know are familiar with Photoshop. Thanks for reading this article and lot of cool tricks are also available here. Enjoy them also. Don’t forget to leave comment and also don’t forget to share it with Facebook, Twitter and more. Follow trickyphotoshop on Twitter for the latest updates and also don’t forget to like trickyphotoshop on Facebook. If any trick that you want to know that you don’t know that simply contact me by emailing me and my email address is given below. I would love to teach you that trick for free.

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