fig 1

Hello guys I am Vaibhav and here I am going to show you how to add creative touch or selective black and white using Photoshop. You can hand-color an old grayscale photograph with Photoshop to create an antique look. You can also start with a color image, convert it to grayscale and then colorize it to get a very different look; this type of colorization is much easier to accomplish. You can colorize the entire photo or just one area for effect. You can brush the color into specific areas and even create a more or less muted colorized effect by changing the opacity of the brush as you paint. Start with a low opacity setting and bring the original color back gradually. If you have already saved a grayscale version of the photo without the original layers, you can still use the method shown here. First open both the original color image and the converted grayscale photo. Using the Move tool, press and hold Shift as you click and drag the grayscale version onto the original color photo.

  • First open your photo in PS.

fig 2

  • Then press F7 for the layer pop-up window and click “add a mask” at the bottom of the window. 
  • After your added layer mask you can see a white rectangular size shape just created near your “background” layer in the layer window.
  • Then add an adjustment layer that is just near your “add a layer” option.
  • Select black and white.

fig 3

  • After selecting that note that your foreground color has change to white and background to black.
  • Now press “X” to set you foreground color to black. Now simply press “B” for the brush tool and set the brush hardness to 0% and start brushing on the area that you want to be colorized.

fig 4

  • Don’t be panic if you have colored outside the boundaries. We can make them B&W once again simply by setting your foreground color to white or by pressing “X”.

fig 5 (note that I have colored outside the boundary)

fig 6 (note that my foreground color is white)

  • And you are done here

fig 7

  • Thank you for visiting my site. There are lots of more tutorials given here that you can check and post your feedback on this tutorials in the comment section below and share it. Do like this blog in Facebook for regular updates

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