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Hello guys I am Vaibhav and here I am going to show you how to remove the color cast or tint in your photo. It is basically false color that makes your pic looks very dull. Whether you have a scanned image or one from a digital camera, your image may show a color-cast due to improper lighting, white balance settings, or other factors. A color-cast often appears as a reddish, bluish, or greenish tint over the whole image just like a tint as you can see in the above photo. Photoshop has many tools that you can use to remove color-casts, including the White Balance setting in Camera Raw, and sometimes you may need to try different ones, depending on the photograph. Using the Match Color command as shown here to remove a color-cast is simple and often works well. You can also remove this in Adobe Lightroom 4.

Intended for matching the colors between two images, the Match Color command uses advanced algorithms to adjust the brightness, color saturation, and color balance in an image. Because you can adjust the controls in different combinations, using this command on just one image gives you better control over the color and

luminance of the image than many other tools. When using the Match Color command on a duplicated layer, you can use the layer’s Opacity slider to blend the results with the Background layer to achieve the best color for your image, as well as compare the before and after images.

  • Open your photo in PS

fig 2

  • Press F7 for the pop-up window of layers. With your background layer selected press ctrl+J to make duplicate layer of your existing layer.
  • Now go to image->match color

fig 3

  • Now a window would open whose title is match color. First check “neutralize”. The “Luminiscense” bar will increase the light in your photo. Color intensity bar will add color to your photo. To the extreme left your photo will be B&W and to the extreme right your photo would be so vivid. Fade decides the amount of colorcast that we are removing.

fig 4

  • Click ok when your editing is complete. Now press F7 for the layers window and reduce the opacity of the duplicate layer as per your requirement and you are done.

fig 5

  • And you are done here

final image

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