fig 1

  • Hello my friends Welcome to my another tutorial I am Vaibhav and here I am going to show you how to change your eye color. Here I am using Photoshop CS6 for windows and the shown photo is snapped by me is of an amusement park in India.
  • Here I am going to show how to enhance your photo in just 15 seconds or rather i would say just in 5-10 clicks.
  • First open you photo in Photoshop.
  • Press F7 for the layer pop-up window.
  • Simply drag and drop the background layer to the “create a new layer” icon to create a duplicate layer or you can also press  ctrl+J to make the copy of background layer but make sure that your background layer is selected.

fig 2

  • After creating new background layer just change the blending mode to “screen” that is present just near the opacity option.

fig 3

  • Now you can see that your photo has got much more enhanced than what it was before. If your photo looks much more brightened than don’t be panic.

fig 4

  • Just adjust the opacity of the duplicate layer according to you to change you photo.
  • And you are done just in 15 seconds.

fig 5

  • Thank you for visiting my site. There are lots of more tutorials given here that you can check and post your feedback on this tutorials in the comment section below and share it. Do like this blog in Facebook for regular updates

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