fig 1

  • Welcome to my another tutorial I am Vaibhav and here I am going to show you how to change your eye color. Here I am using Photoshop CS6 for windows.
  • First thing that we notice in any person is his/her eyes so basically eye is one of the most attractive thing of the human body and I am going to demonstrate how to enhance it.
  • First off open your image and select polygonal lasso tool. Here I am using it to select my eye. It would be easy for me to select the eye with that tool because of the circle shape. However you can choose whatever the tool you want.
  • If you have decided to select the eye if polygonal lasso tool than just drag and drop your tool around the eyes to select it.

fig 2

  • Don’t ever try to select the eye accurately, just select it roughly as you can see it in fig 2. We are going to refine our selection in next step.
  • Now click on “refine edge” on the option bar. Now you can a box that is shown in fig 3. Just drag the radius bar to the right to cover the whole eye. Basically refine edge increases the pixels of your selection. It is one of the best tool by PS to select the unselected pixels. It works great if you are selecting hair, selecting horizon that is composed of sky and mountain trees etc. Basically the thing that has lots of variation in shape on it.
  • Now you can see that your selected area is somehow changed.

fig 3

  • After refining edge. press F7 to get the pop-up window of layers if you are working on pre-defined work-space of PS. Then create an adjustment layer by clicking the fourth circular icon present in the bottom of layer window as shown in fig 4. Adjustment layer in one of the vital tool present is PS that can totally change your photo. 
  • Click “Hue and saturation” to change the color.

fig 4

  • Now you can see a pop-up window of hue and saturation has opened. Don’t forget to deselect the colorize as it changes the contrast your photo and colors the whole pic with the same color.
  • Now simply drag and drop the hue bar to change the color, saturation bar to change to intensity of color and lightness bar to increase the light in your photo as per your requirement.
  • And your final pic is ready.
  • Thank you for visiting my site. There are lots of more tutorials given here that you can check and post your feedback on this tutorials in the comment section below and share it. Do like this blog in Facebook for regular updates

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