. In this tutorial I’m going to show you guys how to use inverse crop or increase the canvas size to make your photo look like printed photographs. Here I’m using Photoshop CS6 for windows.

fig 1

2. First of all open your image in Photoshop. He I’m using my own image that was captured by me.

3. Go to image->canvas size or you can just press ctrl+alt+c open your canvas window.

fig 2

4. Don’t forget to check “relative” just below the size form.

5. Select percent instead of centimeter. It’ll helps you a lot. For am example if you fill there 100 then your canvas size will be increased by 100% that means your photo will be twice the size as compared to earlier one.

fig 3

6. Here I’m writing 20 because i just want to show you how does it works. You can choose whatever the number you want. And I’m also choosing white color. This defines what would be your color that fills your increased canvas size.

fig 4

7. Now you can see that a white boundary my photo. This is because i decided white color in the previous step.

fig 5

8. Select text from the extreme left menu or just press “t” to select text.

9. Now you can write whatever you want. It can be quotation, you name, your company name or whatever.

fig 6

9. I’m here writing fountain my name.

10. Thank you for visiting my Blog and you can  see lots of more tutorials in this blog.


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