#3 How to crop photos

  • Hello guys I am Vaibhav( In this tutorial I am going to show you how to crop videos  in your Photoshop. Here I am using PS CS6 for windows. First open your image in PS and choose your workspace as you want.
  • Here I am using my own snapped photo to show you this method.
  • Now select the crop tool present on the left side.

fig 1

  • Choose the first crop tool. Leave the rest. The rest do different work and I am going to tell you about that later.
  • Do check that you crop tool is unconstrained. I mean on the extreme right of your option bar it must show unconstrained in CS6 or in CS5.1 the two field on the extreme left of the option bar must be empty.

fig 2

  • Now drag and drop the mouse cursor to crop the photos according to you choice.
  • The simply double click on your photo finalize it.

fig 3

  • You can also use “rules of third, grid” etc on your image while cropping. For the beginners “rules of third photography” means to place your main attraction I mean your center object of the photo at the first third of the photo either from the left or from the right or from bottom or from upper portion. I am showing you guys an example of rules of third photography. More than half of photographer around the world uses it.

fig 4

  • Here the central attraction(deer) is placed at the one third from the right of the photo which makes this photo very beautiful.

fig 5

  • You can also select the opacity etc from the option bar. Generally I put the opacity to 100%.
  • And here you go.

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