Hello guys I am Vaibhav and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to customize your workspace according to you. I am using PS CS6 for windows. For the beginners “workspace” is nothing but the layout of the PS.

fig 1

    • First press “F” to change the screen mode i.e. full screen etc.
    • Goto Windows->Workspace->New Workspace.

    fig 2

    • Change the name whatever you want and don’t forget to select the two options below the name. The below options will keep reminder of your short-cuts.

    fig 3

    • After that go to “windows” and add whatever the window you want. Basically a photographer uses brush, color, paragraph(for you watermark), layers(default shortcut=”F7′), layer mask. I know for the beginners its too hard to decide to choose but you can just add the above mentioned windows.
    • You can also drag the opened windows to extreme right and drag and move to the option bar.
    • Now once again follow step one and save the new workspace.
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