Photoshop Tricks


#1 Set the Preference for Your Work

#2 Set-up Your Customized Workspace

#3 How to crop photos

#4 How to use inverse crop or how to use canvas size in Photoshop

#5 Change Your Perspective with the crop tool

#6 How to change eye color

#7 How to enhance photo in 15 seconds

#8 How to remove colorcast(tint) in Photoshop

#9 How to add creative touch or selective black and white using Photoshop

#10 How to add water reflection using Photoshop

#11 How to Add Rain Using Photoshop

#12 How to add Fireworks using Photoshop

#13 How to Place a Photo Inside a Photo

#14 How to do Facial Scrub with Photoshop within 25 seconds

#15 How to add Smoke Effect

#16 How to give Sky a great look using Photoshop

#17 How to add amazing golden sunset effect to your photo using Photoshop

#18 How to add sun rays or any other rays using Photoshop

#19 How to add watermark using Photoshop

#20 How to add copyright and contact data to your photo using Photoshop

#21 How to change hair color using Photoshop

#22 How to add lens flare effect using Photoshop without disturbing the the other area

#23 How to wrap text in 3D

#24 How to add water ripple effect

#25 How to add wooden frame to a photo using Photoshop

#26 How to remove blur without disturbing the other area

#27 Bokeh Brush Effect


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  1. i really like your style of blogging. thank you for sharing with us.

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